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Network protocol stack of the Robotonchip embedded software product solution has been developed during last 10 years to be the simple replacement of the internet protocol stack and to overcome the limitations of the current internet protocols e.g. hop count limit and high resource usage (energy and bandwidth). In late 2016 new focused vision to utilize this solution for needs of IoT and industrial measurement and control systems was taken and Robotonchip as a company was established. Efficient team with strong vision worked hard and created the innovative product from scratch around the protocol stack skeleton. Combining together wireless technology, robotics, IoT, mesh networking, distributed computing and revolutionary routing protocol Robotonchip is now perfect solution on perfect timing available to enable the real revolution of the IoT finally to begin.


Marko Lamminaho, software oriented finalizer and sparring-partner to CTO’s ideas, is able to adapt complex systems and is able to work efficiently with concurrent projects. Marko has also over 20-years R&D experience from embedded software development, various wireless technologies, mobile network technologies and IoT, Marko orcherates in role of chief executive officer.





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