Architecture & Network

Architecture & Network

Robotonchip software architecture is represented in the attached figure, where the key elements are:

  1. Autonomous any scale wireless multihop mesh networking protocol stack
  2. Runtime programmable robot that runs sensor/actuator control program

Decentralized statement programming (* with programmable sensor/actuator interface

  1. Console command interface

Control and programming interface (command prompt) for direct human and application use


*) Developed to support peripherals programming and decentralized communication and modernizated from industry standard instruction list programming IEC 61131, that is part of Electricians education.

Robotonchip network typically includes following elements:

  • Routing nodes including Robotonchip protocol stack
  • Standard industrial serial port servers
  • Standard terminal applications
  • Wireless/wired mesh channel connection between nodes
  • Robotonchip mesh networks connected over internet with standard industrial serial port servers
  • standard terminal management connected with serial cable
  • standard terminal management connected over internet with standard industrial serial port server



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