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Robotics: interpretered initialization and application programs enables runtime application programming, reprogramming and peripherals programming. New unlimited world is open for innovative solutions.


Runtime (re)programming of the nodes. Runtime programmable application is divided to initialization application suitable variable and peripherals initialization, and to main application which runs in infinite loop until program is to be updated or restarted. Runtime (re)programmable application enables easy customization, enhancement and maintenance without embedded programming or additional development tools. Intruction list based programming following principles of IEC 61131 brings down software skill requirements for solution programming due PLC is included to technician studies.


Peripherals programming in runtime application. When peripherals can be configured into use within runtime programmable application, it gives wide range of possibilities like changing use of the node during lifetime of the node, saving energy when not needed peripherals can be configured off and fast hardware development tool to test, demonstrate, make early customer applications or final product solution around the developed hardware.


Decision making can be decentralized into the nodes. Decision making decentralization to nodes enables possibility to implement distributed solutions in haze computing with minimal need for gateways or data center based cloud computing. Decision making is also possible to make traditional way as centralized or also in mixed decentralized and centralized depending on the solution needs or depending on life cycle of the solution.


Robotonchip Passive routing. Passive routing enables new generation message routing in mesh networks, where message routes are established in need bases. The passive routing tolerates also node mobility and unlimited scalability.


Robotonchip Slotted Channel Access is method for energy efficiency and effective channel use in various node densities.


Open command line management interfaces for easy human and machine management and integration with existing solutions.


Security: internode network data over wireless and wired connection is AES-128 bit encryption key protected, As haze computing enabled, Robotonchip solutions can be separated from internet - no any fundamental parts require internet connection - unless you decide. Then for security, it is recommended to use Secured Sockets Layer SSL encryption when using remote over internet network management and programming using serial port or USB port over Internet gateways. Node management access is username and password protected.


Node, network, group and domain addressing. Networks have unique address for differentiating from each other. Group addressing enables possibility to control several nodes with one command. Domain addressing gives possibility to logically separate parts of a network from each other. Addressing space is over 70E+15. Wide addressing space enables use of human readable node naming.


Adjustable network duty cycle. With adjustable network duty cycle system can be made energy efficient and save energy in battery powered network environments, but also in other network environments. Network dutycycles can be adjusted between 1ms...10000ms.


Adjustable application duty cycle. With adjustable application duty cycle node can be adjusted to operate with wanted pace for the planned tasks. This also have impact for energy efficiency.


Adaptive frequency hopping. On default adaptive frequency hopping is on. Adaptive frequency hopping can lower many kinds of interferences. It is possible to define custom set of frequencies for frequency hopping. With custom set frequencies it is possible to further reduct interference from neighbour or overlapping networks.


Adaptive transmit power control. Adaptive transmit power control can be utilized to autonomously shrink node communication range in high node density areas to enhance communication channel throughput capacity.


Low power usage: In technology platform currently bluetooth 2.4 GHz radio low energy - and own Robotonchip protocol stack - on Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832. Enables solutions with long life battery use.




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